Your Safety and Security

Using The GYC safely is important for people of all ages and for maintaining our culture. Your safety is really important, and we have processes in place to help to keep you safe. While most people use the website with good intentions a small number intend to cause harm. To make sure that you are safe we moderate the majority of content and we also enable you to report people to us directly by using reporting buttons throughout our site. The GYC is not a dating experience, and we advise that you do not meet people on the Internet or give out personal contact information. Help us to enhance everybody's experience and safety.

1. Tell The GYC

You can tell us about issues that you are experiencing with other people by clicking on the report buttons that are located throughout the website on an individual's profiles or in messages that they send to you. You must be signed in to submit these reports. Report people even if you do not intend to communicate with them, as you may be helping us anyway.
If you are unable to submit a report but still want to get in touch, please email [email protected].

2. File a Report with Law Enforcement Agencies

If you feel you are in real danger or want to report an internet crime, in addition to reporting the user to The GYC you can contact Global Virtual Taskforce website, which is an effort by different law enforcement agencies around the world. We work very closely with them to produce evidence when required and to convict offenders.

3. Follow our guidance to ensure you remain safe

You can also keep yourself safe by staying web savvy and following some straight forward rules of the road.

  • - Do not arrange to meet people you have met online.

  • - Do not post your name, personal contact details, information about your family and school in a public areas of any website/app.

  • - If you are concerned about somebody who has approached you online, let us know and also have a conversation with a parent or guardians (for example, a teacher or another adult you feel you can trust).

  • - Never share your password with anybody else.

  • - Block members who you do not want to speak to.

  • - Seek advice and council from your family and friends about how you should use the internet to stay safe and about people you feel unsure about.

  • - People can create fake profiles on social networking websites including The GYC, be aware that people may not be who say they are and do not keep your concerns to yourself.

  • - Do not post photos, comments or content that you would not feel happy to share with friends and family.

  • - Check out the ThinkuKnow Website.

4. Safety Tips

  • - Never give out personal contact information like your name or email or private photos of yourself.

  • - Report strange users and activity, particularly if you are under 18 and asked a personal question by someone over 18 - report concerns.

  • - Never meet people from the Internet.

  • - Do not be afraid to contact us - you are not at fault!

  • - We log all and moderate most user activity, and work with law enforcement agencies.

If you are unable to submit a report but still want to get in touch, please email [email protected].