We work with other websites to help bring content to LGBTQ+ youth across the world. Associations like these are important for the success of both The GYC and the websites with which they're associated.

Through networking with other youth or gay youth websites, we are able to bring our visitors high-quality content that will be useful to them. Also, we can give visitors from other websites the advantages of The Gay Youth Corner.

The things that we can do together are not limited. That's the great thing about the Internet. But understand, we don't want to blend websites, making them all the same and equal in what they offer. Diversity is essential, diversity exists in the LGBTQ+ community and so the more diverse and the more different websites are in their concept and goals - the better!

If you would like to partner with us in order to achieve something for yourself, gay youth or your current website then get in touch with us - our contact information is provided with our FAQs page.

More links will be added in time!